The sky is the limit at Avro Canadianna – Our staff are dedicated to developing and producing sustainable, eco-friendly craft that meet the most stringent safety specifications and standards.

We believe in partnering with our community to help create more reliable and efficient transportation options for freight and passengers, alike.


We are committed to the highest levels of safety standards and practices.


We believe in fair and transparent business practices, with both our employees and clients.


The efficiency of both our workflow, and our resulting product is paramount to AVRO’s success.


Avro’s air barges are fuel efficient, and output extremely low levels of emissions.


Avro Canadianna is a passionate team of professionals dedicated to advancing eco-friendly air transportation.


Alan Stan

Al Stan is the Founder/creator of this project.  He is a successful business entrepreneur and headed numerous corporations from two real estate development, construction companies, a consulting firm, as well as a sister company to Avro Air.  He has been involved directly with lending mortgages and investing in start-up projects as well as investing in public trading markets.  Mr. Stan, has been called a “creative genius!” numerous times, has a “never give up attitude” and demands honesty.

He believes in giving back to the community as demonstrated by many years of community service which continues today.  He also believes that education is a lifelong journey and recently undertook the Canadian Securities Course.  A proven, creative leader.

Mr. Stan likes to surround himself with smart, diverse individuals who can work together as a cohesive group to bring success to the task at hand.  The founder has organized an amazing team of experts who excel in their areas of expertise. These experts will guide Avro through the challenges that may lie ahead.

Ron Strobl

Alex Smith

Ron Strobl has been in the aviation industry as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer since 1979. His endorsements and experience include maintenance on a variety of utility and transport category fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft as well as certification as an aircraft structural sheet metal technician. He has satisfied the Transport Canada examinations to hold an M1/M2 license and the following categories under the previous AME licensing structure: M2 – small piston powered aircraft, M3 – Transport category piston powered aircraft (complimented with DC-3 exam), M4 – small turbine powered aircraft, S33 – sheet metal structural repair, M6 – Transport category turbine powered aircraft (complimented with Dash-8 exam), M15 – Turbine powered helicopters (complimented with Bell 206 exam). Mr. Strobl’s corporation is a corporate member of the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council and Mr. Strobl is an an active member of the Western Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association with two terms as V. P. He is registered with the Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician and an Aircraft Structural Repair Technician. 

Mr. Alex Smith as extensive knowledge in blimps and is a creative problem solver  who has skillfully completed tasks where others have failed. 

Alex was thrust into the spotlight in 2010 with BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Alex led one of two teams to halt the spread of oil.

He was instrumental in winning the one million dollar “X” Prize Challenge for the development of a high speed oil recycling unit. 

Alex also has headed up many engineering consortium’s, which included a stint with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company (North American Airship Operations).  Mr. Smith holds the following certificates: Lean Green Belt, Design of Experiment, Statistical Process Control, 6 Sigma Training, Kaizan Team Leader. He has core competencies in: process and product improvement, new product development, product certification to various approval authorities world-wide, Product Development Engineer, all MS Office, PLC Programming, CAD, MRP, SAP, CMM, and Management in Process Engineering, Product Design, Mold/Tool Design, Rubber Lab, and Maintenance. 

Recently he was in the Gulf of Mexico and, although he was sent as a expert in rubber containment booms, soon he was overseeing the operation as a lead for BP Oil for one of the two operational shifts during the clean up. Mr. Smith has been engaged by numerous international companies for their projects throughout his career. 

Keith Gerrard

John Sadowski

Keith A. Gerrard, a Certified General Accountant, holds this position in the Corporation.  His résumé includes knowledge on income saving strategies in the development of this type of craft.  Mr. Gerrard was previously a senior officer with a company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange which is a benefit to Avro Canadianna Ltd.  Mr. Gerrard is a resident of EdmontonAlberta.

Mr. John Sadowski is Avro’s V.P. of Manufacturing. Mr. Sadowski has extensive knowledge in the manufacturing field. He is Six Sigma Black Belt Certified. John has lead a number of mid-size companies (180 million in sales) over his career. He has guided upper and mid management to achieve goals set before them. John is an American and looks forward to his move north.

John McQuinn

Joe Fontana

Mr. John McQuinn is a proven leader in the complex field of logistics, guiding numerous multinational companies through many daunting challenges.  John is a high energy “hands-on” logistics strategist with superior negotiation skills for leveraging purchasing power for best in class cost strategies.  Each client who purchases a unit from Avro will have their own set of unique logistical challenges and, with John’s assistance, these tasks will be overcome. Avro is sure to benefit with John’s guidance on logistics.

Mr. Fontana was elected to the House of Commons in Ottawa in 1988 and served as Minister of Labour in 2006. He has also served as Mayor of London, Ontario, from 2010 until 2014. In 2012, Mr. Fontana was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.  Joe understands the benefits that Avro’s Airbarge can bring to Northern Canada and the First Nations communities that reside there, and is instrumental in accessing government programs that promote Avro’s growing presence in Canada.

M. Mahmoudi

Mohammad Mahmoudi graduated in 2015 at the University of Alberta with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.  Thesis: Investigation of jets in counter flow in the vicinity of a solid wall M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering 2007 Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran Thesis: Experimental study of the unsteady flow field over a wind turbine blade B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering 2004 Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.